Indian Creek

With a population of just over 80 people, Indian Creek the smallest municipality in the county and one of the smallest in the United States.  Homes sit on multi-acre waterfront properties and the village has stringent building codes to preserve its secluded atmosphere. Often called the "billionaire's bunker," some residents include billionaires like Carl Icahn and Adrienne Arsht. With a minimum home value of $20 million, Indian Creek caters only to the extremely affluent seeking privacy. Heavily guarded, it remains one of the most exclusive and expensive places to live in South Florida.

Median Age

• Incorporated in 1913, Indian Creek island has around 40 homes but covers over 160 acres along Biscayne Bay.

• A private 13-acre island connected by bridges is the only public space for residents.

• No commercial properties exist and village infrastructure remains basic to maintain the secluded aura.