Creating a new design destination for the trade

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Concept Development & Tenant Curation
Property type
Upper East Side (MIMO) & Edgewater
Year built

Back in the early 2010’s, Miami had but one location for the interior and industrial design communities. Longstead had the opportunity to work with a large warehouse complex partnership to help them create a vision for a new mixed use property in a relatively obscure part of the city.


Longstead identified the growing interest and demand from both the local and international market for a more sophisticated and original development concept catered to this industry group. The success and growth of Miami’s arts and cultural scene primed this multi-year effort to bring together both emerging and established brands, designers, architects and creative professionals under a new work and retail paradigm; a design-centric campus.


By 2016, the number of leasable spaces had more than doubled to over 70 and occupancies were at 95%. The mix and affinity of tenants blossomed into a collaborative community of industry professionals; and turned this undervalued part of the city into a vibrant and progressive destination. It mixed retail, office and event spaces in a cohesive and novel way. Prestigious international design fairs and trade events recognized this value and began to host their annual gatherings in this new development and solidify its mission.

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